Norberto Lobo “Fran”

norberto-lobo-fornalhaIs it a surprise the first taste of Norberto Lobo’s forthcoming album, Fornalha, is anything short of exceptional?  Lobo has become one of my three-or-four (oh jeez, Fornalha is being released by three:four records and I did not mean to make that fucking pun. I digress…) guitarists around.  He shows so much range on his recordings that it’s sometimes hard to believe it’s the work of one person.  Yet, even in that never ending variety, Lobo’s unique stamp remains. “Fran” ventures into the past, sounding like something you’d hear streaming out of the back alleys of Lisbon centuries ago. His melodies are utterly timeless, methodic, and hypnotizing. As the background drones build in volume and strength throughout the piece, they never overtake the gentle, ghostlike guitar chords that sing toward the heavens. Stunning music from one of the world’s best. Fornalha is going to be something quite special.