The Archives: Valerio Cosi

valerio_cosi-heavy_elec_pac_rockWhen I look back, Valerio Cosi’s Heavy Electronic Pacific Rock is one of the best CDs Digitalis ever released. Valerio Cosi and I had been working together on multitudes of projects for years, corresponding regularly – it was a whirlwind and I considered him a close friend.  I knew I wanted to do some kind of major release with him but when he delivered the masters for Heavy Electronic Pacific Rock my jaw hit the floor. It’s a stunning piece of music that is wholly conceived and executed flawlessly.  Cosi covers a ton of ground here, but the heart of the album was always this tune, “A New Vipassana.”  He is a saxophonist first and foremost and this 10+ minute ride is an altar built and burned down in honor of his favored instrument.  It’s an exorcism and an exultation all at once.  Cosi’s talent screams from the rooftop on this song, simultaneously droning and soloing to the point that nothing makes sense and there’s nothing separating the two sides. I am always left exhausted by this piece, even with the groove-infused comedown at the end.  Cosi layers and layers until the density is overbearing in the best possible way.  It’s just stunning.